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A total brody that gets really wasted and proclaims everyone in the room his "bro". Usually a frat member, a bromandude is composed of 50% man, 50% dude, and 100% bro.
BroManDude: "You guys are all my bros.*pointing to each person* Bro. Bro. Bro."

Terry: "Did you see that BroManDude?"
Dave: "Yeah. He was a complete douche."
by Dave-Z February 18, 2010
A slang/secret term that refers to smoking marijuana. One would use it under certain situations where figures of authority, non-smokers, or fags are present and you don't want them to know what you're up to. Can also be yelled loudly when intoxicated, or to harass nerds.
Kenny: "It's a LAAAAAN PARTY!"

*Talking to nerds*
Dave: "Hey guys, wanna go LAN PARTY?"
Nerds: "No not right now, the LAN PARTY is Saturday night."
by Dave-Z March 09, 2010

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