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1 definition by Dave Q It

A term similar to the "N" word in its power to insult, unique to Northwest Connecticut. Refers to lower than low white trash. Winsted residents are sure it refers to some people from Norfolk. Norfolk residents think raggies come from Torrington. Torrington people believe that raggies live in Winsted. And so on.

At the Greenwoods School in Winsted, calling another kid a "raggie" was cause for detention. Mothers would wash the mouth of any child who used the "R" word.

White trash have a car on blocks in the yard, & a couch on the porch. Raggies typically have a couch on the lawn and a car on the porch.

Look out for a two year old raggie throwing rocks at passing traffic. (Route 44, Route 8)

by Dave Q It November 10, 2007