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the loose skin protecting a gentile gentleman's bobby's top, which provides warmth and shelter (and an ambient environment for the growth of nob Philadelphia). In most cases, can be retracted to reveal the Bishop of Reading's Hat and the Japanese Tourist's Eye.
He had a tallyclava like a windsock at Heathrow.
by Dave Petherbridge October 06, 2006
A Poodini occurs when you are on the toilet, for what we shall refer to as a 'number two' and you turn and look down to inspect the specimen and find it has completely vanished into the pipe - leaving no trace. Furthermore you check the wipe to find that the paper remains clean.
Almost convinced you have simply imagined the poo...you exclaim 'Poodini!'
Just been to the loo and would you credit it...a Poodini!
by Dave Petherbridge June 19, 2008
On the hopefully rare occasion you attempt to wipe away the remains of a particularly capacious poo and accidentally push a finger through the paper, after the required degree of swearing, you may look down to access the damage and be greeted by what is called a Brown Ballerina. This is the name given to the appearance of your now brown finger wearing what appears to be a lovely brow tutu. Not nice...but hopefully from now on...a touch more funny
After a night on the Guinness and a curry I went to the bog this morning and ended up with a right Brown Ballerina!
by Dave Petherbridge June 19, 2008

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