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When you take a dump, and the poo has slid into the shadows of the toilet bowl, and cannot be seen. There's also nothing on the toilet paper when you wipe.
I just came back from the shitter, and I'll be damned if it wasn't a "poodini"...it was quite an illusion, cuz I coulda sworn a little turd slid out!
by The AAR April 16, 2008
42 13
When you defecate into the toilet and stand to inspect your masterpiece and nothing is there, at most you may find a skid mark. This is do to your turd falling directly into the toilet hole never to be seen again.

Taylor: Dude I've been taking a shit for the past 10 minutes and when I stood up to look at how big it was nothing was there. It was so weird.

Chase: No bro it just poodinied on you, shit happens too me all the time.
by Uncle R Chase November 10, 2008
18 2
A turd that just won't flush. The same as a floater but named in honour of the great magician and escapologist Houdini. The only way to defeat a Poodini is to sink it using a magic parachute like piece of toilet roll which drags the fecal matter down to its watery grave.
Meeting her parents was fine, till i left a Poodini in the downstairs toilet..gee that was embarrassing.
by Raving Professor No Legs August 31, 2006
29 19
When you pull a fast one and shit on a bitch's chest while she's sleeping, then disappear into the dark abyss.
"I totally poodini'd Mark's mom, Corey!"
by Poodini Supreme July 22, 2006
7 0
When having anal intercourse with a partner, you pull out your penis and proceed to spit on your partners back, making the partner think that you have just came. Then when the partner turns around, you expel fecal matter into the partners face. (Preferably explosive diarrhea). Similar to the houdini
Yo I pulled the poodini on my girlfriends face and she threw up.
by Kyle Brum January 19, 2008
16 10
When you are having a bowel movement and you feel, smell and hear the turd come out, but after wiping and turning around to flush, there is no turd in sight, as if it has vanished into thin smelly air. Syn. Ghost Turd.
I took a big fat dump and when I went to flush all I saw were turd tracks and toilet paper. That sewer pickle was a real Poo-dini.
by jaywillgonzo January 23, 2010
3 1
The act of pooing in the back part of the toilet. Aka upper deck. Poo water, not clean water, will then refill the bowl when someone flushes. There is high plausible deniability and accusing someone of doing it is alsmost more awkward than poo-dini itself. Can be used to wreck homes, lives, and businesses.
He poo-dinied in the back of the only toilet at the wedding reception.
by Steppin' Razor April 09, 2009
3 1