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A slum in rural South West of Englang. This sink-hole is a hot-bed of inbreeding and gang violence (Crips vs Bloods and Chavs vs The Rest). Compton look out, this place is ten times worse. Only the stupidest organisms live in this environment.
I'm going to Cotford tonight to pick me up a cheap girl.


I lost my trousers in a fight over a toffee crisp in Cotford last night.
by Dave MacCormick May 11, 2005
A shady, intrusive and mysterious character in the form of a rodent-man (Half man half rodent) from the ghetto. The shrew has the power to overcome any security system. He leaves his mark in the mosty intimate places of the home.
Oh my God son, That damn shrew has been in my shit again!! Here's the note.
by Dave MacCormick May 11, 2005
An insult used in the slums of villages in rural South-West England. Used to imply that someone is ugly beyond all reason or actual belief. It is also used to say that someone is annoying and homosexual.
"I'll kill you, Peddie son of a bitch"
by Dave MacCormick May 10, 2005

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