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Same thing if you stop and think about it.
"What? Communism & nazism aren't exactly good things in life. Where's the money?"
by Dave November 30, 2004
A midnight show on the CN (Cartoon Network); a collection of the most fucked-up cartoons known in the history of God's green planet. Well, not ALL the shows were that weird, but about 80% of'em were. Not that they weren't funny however.
You want an example? Tough shit. O Canada isn't airing on the CN anymore. Which is bad.....but it has some goodness to its being gone though. ^_^
by Dave January 16, 2004
the presence of heartless and flave money in a sistuation invovling money or power
wow i see cocaine... heartless must be here
by dave March 21, 2003

Yo man.. I heard the guitarist from Entity has a small penis
by Dave January 15, 2005
The president of China....apparently he's the world's 3rd worst dictator. He is known for enforcing online spies & executing roughly 4000 people a year.
Libby-Lib : "I'd rather have Hu chink for president instead of Bush."

Me : "And you liberals claim to be so smart."

Libby-Lib : "We are man! We know the truth behind this country!"

Me : "Have you ever bothered to think that the truth is something you find on your own, and not from others?"

Libby-Lib : "Have you ever bothered to think that what they are saying IS truth?"

Me : "Ugh....someone shut this crybaby up..."
by Dave July 06, 2004
yeaaaaaah, cincinnati is fun, yeaaaaaah. i like it, it is my homeland and i enjoy living here, although it is hard getting shot at by police and having a diet consisting mainly of chili spaghetti and flying pig. yeaaaaaah
Hannah: "Do you like Cincinnati Dave?"
Dave: "It's better than New Jersey"
by Dave October 25, 2003
The Battle Rifle on Halo 2.
"The brizzle+plasma pistol charge combo makes for some sick deaths in Halo 2 multiplayer."
by Dave April 03, 2005

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