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Possibly the most boring game ever created. Much was expected from this game, but little was delivered. It still has the smallest arsenal of any shooter ever(excluding it's predesecor), and the multiplayer levels are still unimaginative. Some multiplayer levels are much too confusing, and some are just plain old open fields. There is no in-between. The only level that makes for a good time is Battle Creek. If your going to play this game, be sure to take a pillow because your sure to fall asleep due too boredom.
When everybody else fell asleep from playing Halo2, us real gamers busted out the N64 to play Goldeneye a.k.a. the good shooter game.
by Dave December 04, 2004
the presence of heartless and flave money in a sistuation invovling money or power
wow i see cocaine... heartless must be here
by dave March 21, 2003
A midnight show on the CN (Cartoon Network); a collection of the most fucked-up cartoons known in the history of God's green planet. Well, not ALL the shows were that weird, but about 80% of'em were. Not that they weren't funny however.
You want an example? Tough shit. O Canada isn't airing on the CN anymore. Which is bad.....but it has some goodness to its being gone though. ^_^
by Dave January 16, 2004
sexual animal
got wimmenz?
by dave August 08, 2003

Yo man.. I heard the guitarist from Entity has a small penis
by Dave January 15, 2005
yeaaaaaah, cincinnati is fun, yeaaaaaah. i like it, it is my homeland and i enjoy living here, although it is hard getting shot at by police and having a diet consisting mainly of chili spaghetti and flying pig. yeaaaaaah
Hannah: "Do you like Cincinnati Dave?"
Dave: "It's better than New Jersey"
by Dave October 25, 2003
The Battle Rifle on Halo 2.
"The brizzle+plasma pistol charge combo makes for some sick deaths in Halo 2 multiplayer."
by Dave April 03, 2005

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