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v. drink lots, blow the chunks, come to and drink some more

see drink
see puke
see drink
Damn, that ho can really pound the schwigs! laterDamn, that biatch is back in action! I can't believe Carn is getting on that shit. Way to boot and rally!
by Dave December 05, 2002
One of the greatest guitar players ever to have lived. Also, one of the most beautiful and unselfish people ever to have lived. If everyone were like he was, there would be no war or hatred in the world.
SRV could play some uber tyte licks on that guit box.
by Dave November 13, 2003
A rather decent show by Genndy Tartakovsky, which is played on Cartoon Network. It's about a samurai called Jack (called so by a group of ghetto-speaking thugs in the second episode), and how he is ripped into the future where the almighty being Aku (japanese literal meaning for "evil") rules all, including various locations in the heavens.

Yes, it is a type of rip on anime, and there was even a character on an episode that looked like Jigen from Lupin III. But with its cinematic soundtrack & other interesting things, you really could do worse. In fact, the purpose of this show is NOT to rip on anime! It's called APPRECIATION OF CULTURES! Unfortunately, people just don't get it. -_-'
"Aku is funny. I thought the funniest episode of the show was when he was trying to brainwash the children into disliking Jack, by reading them a bunch of fractured fairytales."
by Dave March 28, 2004
When a girl is slobing on your knob and she swallows your cum, then burps, causing her burp to buble up with cum
Your bitch sucked my dick and burped up a cum bubble
by Dave May 14, 2003
*A legendary figurehead of the United States. Although mythical, he is reported to have been a real person. Uncle Sam is basically a tall man with white hair (with a white goatee), dressed in the Red, White & Blue, with the Stars & Stripes as a huge hat. Uncle Sam, along with this description, is commonly portrayed as this old-looking, but tough-as-nails, figurehead pointing at you, the viewer of the poster, and below it he's saying "I Want You".
Uncle Sam basically represents the US Government, although he greatly represents the US Military.

*Sam Fisher's alias in a mission during Splinter Cell : Pandora Tomorrow.

*An appropriate name for anyone in the military named Sam. This name may not be appropriate for females named Sam though.
Libby-Lib : "*puts on Stars & Stripes hat and then points* I want you so I can screw your children over by sending them to ficticious wars!"
Me : "....not funny."

Me : "puts on Stars & Stripes hat and then points" I want you. ^.^
Hottie : "*has a confused look*"
by Dave June 29, 2004

Russian special forces skilled in highly-advanced CQB, and with the objective of getting behind the enemy lines and getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

Although they lost their fame at the end of the Cold War, they are still highly-capable soldiers trained on all aspects, including counterterrorism.

See also GRU.
"I'd like to take Spetsnaz training so I can fight like those guys from The Hunted."
by Dave September 08, 2004

Japanese literal meaning for "cat".
"I want to buy a neko for a pet."
by Dave April 19, 2004
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