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Tools used by Cuban parents to instill discipline and fear into their offspring for major, minor, miniscule or sometimes non-existant infractions of their will, which is until you are 18, the Supreme Law of the Land.
Hey Pedro, for getting that "C" in class, go into your mother's closet and bring out the Chancletas we are going to beat you with.
by Davdav2000 September 20, 2006
1. Those who pay happily pay retail for neccesary items such as gold, diamonds and fur coats. They also allow their daughters to marry schmucks who are not rich and uneducated. These people are neccesary members of our society who do not become doctors, lawyers, and accountants and never visit New York City.

2. A non-Jew.
You hear Christina's daughter's fiancee bought her engagement ring from Tiffany's? Oy... the Goyim... what was she thinking?
by Davdav2000 January 13, 2005
v. To manipulate one's schlong in order to produce, or reproduce, or rereproduce an emission.
Hey, why did Patrick drink half a bottle of NyQuil?

-- Oh, he's attempting to whackterbate before falling asleep.
by Davdav2000 December 13, 2011
a meal consisting of meat and cheese enveloped by bread eaten by a Cuban or a man/woman of Cuban descent.
Hey meng, they didn't put any papa frita on this Cuban Esteak Sangwich
by Davdav2000 January 03, 2005
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