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9 definitions by Dash

a program used to boot people of yahoo messenger client
that guy just used a yahoo booter to disconnect my friend from yim
by Dash December 31, 2004
When discussing what is wrong with the internet, this is where you begin.
Do yourself a favor and go download a real web browser like Oprah or Mozilla.
by Dash November 02, 2003
- to take from another person
- to be asked to hand a material item of value over to another person
- to be mugged
hey yo, sponser me your fone honky
by dash November 14, 2003
to be put down by a nigger in a lower class then you
"Bitch, you got faced."
by dash March 09, 2005
A word for someone who befriends a audi-oh ddr irc furry
<CherryBomb> hey waffy let's hang out
<waffy> just a sec lemme put on this new audi-oh fursuit i got for ddr
by dash September 20, 2003
What one says when an incident is hilariously abnormal
(Carlos walks into double period calculus class with 5 minutes left in the period)

Cliff: Damn, why, why?
by Dash March 19, 2004
what one says when something is said that could be construed as homosexual
usually avoided by saying "no homo"
Calvin: That nigga got a big head.

Steven: Hey yo!!
by Dash March 19, 2004