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5 definitions by Darren and lee

someone who constantly drinks ovaltine to increase his strength for about 10 second, he has after effects that include bulging eyes, and a constantly open mouth, he also makes a noise e.g. "ERRRRRRR"
hey lee, look at that incredible bulk over there staring again.
by Darren and lee October 18, 2006
26 8
A Person whos fatter than a polar bear, he is similar to a moby dick, he has more layers on the back of his neck than a bulldog, which look like sausage rolls, he uses his laugh to scare off predators as he screams i.e. "AHHHHHHH, AHHHHH, BRAAAAA" although it does change to a fat chuckle now and again.
"Yo lee, i'm feelin quite peckish, know where i can get some sausage rolls, i dont fancy going greggs today"

"oh crap! crackesh man, you just scared the beejeezus out of me, stop screaming"
by darren and lee March 15, 2007
11 2
Someone whos laugh changes from laughing like a fat bear to sqealing like a mouse, this laugh is used to attract a mate, they also use their eyebrows to send signs to their fellow moby cocks, also cant stand still because they need a shit, they also have a back full of pubes which they use to scare off predators.
Hey lee, that moby cock is wiggling his eyebrows at us again
by darren and lee November 16, 2006
16 9
A brand new drink that has been discovered in the Birmingham, West Midlands area, it is not very popular because when people buying the drink see it, they realise it looks like a human being and that puts them off, so the drink ends up being put back under the counter.
(Customer)"Hi, i'd like an Abdul Bacardi please" (Barman/women) "ill just get it for you *puts the drink on the counter* that'll be £3.50 please" (customer) "wow that kinda looks like a small nursery kid, sorry, i'll have a Bacardi Breezer instead"
by Darren And Lee March 09, 2007
12 11
When your taking a stroll down the street and you then realise theres a huge computer monitor in your hand and you think to yourself "man, thats really heavy, where did that come from?"
"Yo Lee, where did this monitor come from, its really heavy"
by darren and lee June 14, 2007
29 39