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Hollister is a stylish clothing store based on west-coast surfer style. It is NOT based off of the town Hollister, which is far away from any beaches and is known more for paintball and off-roading/motocross etc. Hollister is based off of Hollister Ranch, which is a surf community somewhere in Southern California. People should understand this better, Hollister shirts say So-Cal on them often, Hollister the city is in Northern California.

Hollister is owned by Abercrombie and Fitch. Their clothes are similar in style, but are more reasonably priced. There are people who shop at Hollister but not Abercrombie and Fitch, because Hollister is perhaps even as low as the American Eagle price range.

Their clothes include pre-ripped pants, and faded clothing etc. all are meant to have a worn feeling. There is a reason to buy pre-ripped clothing; designer clothing is meant to stay the way it is forever. Generally speaking, pre-ripped clothing does not become much worse over time, whereas ripping your own clothing you will gradually expand the rips over time. In addition, designer fabric tends to be much more comfortable, cheap Levi's and other brands tend to feel cardboard-ish.

People tend to rag on Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch because their clothes are higher priced than normal. In my opinion, I felt the same way but I find their clothing to fit much better and feel more comfortable, I would wear one pair of their jeans a couple days in a row if they didn't get dirty. They do sell jeans that are minimally ripped as well. It may seem overpriced, but you can have two pairs of jeans and that will be enough for daily use.
Person A: "Wow it sorta feels like I'm not wearing pants at all! Maybe I should by these? I've never really been in here before but all the guys that shop here get shit from people.."

Person B: "Yeah it's sort of lame but they don't really understand.. It's too bad you know I mean it's not like all the clothes in Hollister are destroyed."
by Darren McInerney July 20, 2006

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Rear-wheel drive coupe from Nissan based on the S-Chassis used in the Japanese Silvia counterparts. The 1989-1994 240SX is known as the S13 generation (Although the coupe is really considered the S13 Silvia and the hatchback model is known as the 180SX / RPS13 and is not considered part of the Silvia line, despite being identical mechanically). The 1989 and 1990 model 240SX had a single-overhead cam engine (Code: KA24E), which didn't produce enough power and was replaced in 1991 with the dual-overhead cam KA24DE. The engine itself is a 2.4L 1-4 with 16 valves, and a fairly long piston throw. The engine is more commonly seen in truck applications, but it is fast none-the-less.

The 1995-1998 240SX is known as the S14 generation. It's mechanically pretty much the same. The S13 has slightly better CAM's from factory but it's hardly noticable. The S14 240SX only comes in a coupe form. The SE model has an advantage over all S13's in that it comes with a 5-lug wheel setup, meaning far larger aftermarket support for wheels.

The 240SX and it's Japanese SR20DET engine powered counterparts are renowned in the drifting world for their performance, thanks to excellent weight balance, fairly low curb weight and robust suspension system.
"Ugh what's with those 240SX, isn't it basically just like the stupid ricer Honda's but maybe a little sportier"

"Not even... 240SX is rear-wheel drive, it's in a whole different league"

"Oh damn.. Never would have guessed... I mean look at the Probe, the 3000GT... look like they should be RWD. Guess I havn't been giving the 240SX enough credit!"
by Darren McInerney August 03, 2006

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Abercrombie girls wear Abercrombie and Fitch clothing and have predictable personality traits:

Pros: Hot (Generally), Easy (Generally), 50/50 Some are nice, Dumb (Good and Bad), You have to be skinny to wear that shit. If you're rich, easy to shop for you know where to go...

Cons: Shallow, Unfaithful, Dumb, Expensive, Fake, Materialistic

Go for the drunk Abercrombie girls at a party, but don't ever date one.
Guy 1: Damn that girl over there is fucking hot...
Guy 2: Yeah, just another one of those Abercrombie girls...
Guy 1: What does that mean...
Guy 2: It means don't get attached dumbass but go hit that shit!
by Darren McInerney August 06, 2007

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