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Abercrombie girls wear Abercrombie and Fitch clothing and have predictable personality traits:

Pros: Hot (Generally), Easy (Generally), 50/50 Some are nice, Dumb (Good and Bad), You have to be skinny to wear that shit. If you're rich, easy to shop for you know where to go...

Cons: Shallow, Unfaithful, Dumb, Expensive, Fake, Materialistic

Go for the drunk Abercrombie girls at a party, but don't ever date one.
Guy 1: Damn that girl over there is fucking hot...
Guy 2: Yeah, just another one of those Abercrombie girls...
Guy 1: What does that mean...
Guy 2: It means don't get attached dumbass but go hit that shit!
by Darren McInerney August 06, 2007
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