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A shortened word for Desert Eagle - Manufactured by IMI (Israeli military industries.) It can be chambered for the .357 Magnum, .44mag, .440Cor-bon, or .50 Action Express. Although many people believe the .50AE is the best, the .440corbon is better overall because of its range, stopping power, and clip size.

The Deagle operates through a gas blowback system that throws the bolt back to eject the shell and load a new one. Although many think it has a tremendous kick, they would be wrong. The kick of a DE loaded with a .357 is said to be similar to a .22, and although a .50 is a lot more power, it is still manageable. The DE was originally chambered for the .357 round back in 1983.

The DE exists today more as a target gun and a show piece then an actual law enforcement weapon, a more suitable choice for law enforcement would be the IMI Jericho. The Jericho is chambered in both the 9mm round and the 40 S&W, the only exemption being the 941FS, which can also be chambered for the .45ACP round.
Either my nieghbor is watching the Matrix with the sound cranked, or someone is firing a Deagle!
by Darkstarp August 07, 2004
A .300 calibur rifle round first made in 1906, hence .30-06. Because of its power it is still a very popular hunting round. Let me put it this way, the .30-06 is one of the most powerful hunting rounds (other than the .300 mag), that is still somewhat realistic, by realistic I mean its not like hunting with a .50 calibur rifle (other than a muzzle-loader.) which would be stupid.
a semi-auto .30-06 is a good bear gun.
by Darkstarp August 10, 2004
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