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A word that is foolishly used by black people who think it is okay to say it because an "a" is at the end instead of an "e" and a "r." Truly one of the ugliest words in the English dictionary.
Person 1: Sup ma nigga!
Person 2: That's a got damn shame.
by DarkFox360 September 30, 2006
A disease that people believe and that the scientific community "can't" be cured.
Person: You know there is no cure for AIDs right?
Me: Yeah, whatever. Believe everything that they tell you.
by DarkFox360 September 30, 2006
The most lowest form or rap music next to crunk. It buries the true form of hip hop deeper and deeper into it's grave than any other form of music.

Hip hop was cool until the money became the most important option.
Stranger: Yo, you wanna buy this hyphy cd yo
Me:So my brain can melt in an extremely fast rate? I don't
think so.
by Darkfox360 September 02, 2006

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