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1. A huge honkin piece of food that is probably about 80% sugar and about 80% likely to kill a diabetic.

See: Chocolate Suicide

2. A diabetic who eats so much sugary or sweet foods that they are most likely to not be alive within a year.

See: Fatty fatty boombalatty
1) "You're going to eat that diabetic disaster?" "Yes"
2) "Man, that kid over there is just one big walking diabetic disaster"

#diabetic #disaster #chocolate #fatty #food
by Dark_Midget June 10, 2006
A day in which the weather continually switches back and forth from sunny to rainy. A joke on the phrase 'Rain or shine' that was originally used by postmen. Also known as a postman's situation.
'This weather is crazy. It's sunny but it keeps raining on and off. It's a postman's day.'
#postman #day #rain #shine #sunny #situation #postmen
by Dark_Midget April 09, 2007
Someone who claims to be enthusiastic about eating sushi and loving it, but it is completely ignorant towards eating any sushi other than 'California Rolls'. Generally speaking, a combo of 'sushi' and 'n00b'
'My friends eat sushi every week and only eat 3 california rolls. They are such sUUbs'


"Oh, I love sushi"
"Hey, that person is eating california rolls, he's such a sUUb"
#n00b #sushi #california rolls #ignorance #raw fish #poser
by Dark_Midget December 16, 2006
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