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A woman (red neck) who is very promiscuous. There are not enough men in the world to satisfy her need for sex. She will do anything under the sun as sex is concerned. She shows off herself as a ploy to attract the opposite sex. She has no regard to a guys needs, only her own. She will use any tactical approach to achieve her end goal.
While I was at her place she (red neck hoe) flashed me with that huge rack of hers. wearing a mini skirt with no draws, as she rubbed up on me. Said she would make it worth my time but she would make me work for it first. Only to demand a back rub along with eating her pussy. As I went further after I completed she said she was good, and no cock could ever satisfy her. She looked at her girlfriend as we walked into the living room, he likes to put big things in small holes as they laughed.

(Calls you up out of the blue(red neck hoe)) My toilets plugged, can you fix it I will make it up to you, I promise. Only to make sure there is a house load of people, yet waiting tell your both in a room alone to torment you.

(red neck hoe)Says you can do anything to her sexually, besides hit her in the face. Drops all her clothes and flops on the bed spread eagle. As you enter her she forces you out just to laugh at you in an attempted to piss you off so you will take it.
by DarkLightAngel January 04, 2010
The art of eating pussy with out the need to stop for air.

A man that is very skilled at oral satisfaction on a woman's behalf.

Having oral skills that can bring orgasmic release without any penetration.

A man that has a tongue that works well, normally very skilled with his fingers as well.

A man that can eat pussy almost, or equal to a lesbian woman.
I was talking to a friend the other day. He said his friends nick name was Toungewithgills, only to add he has a twelve inch tongue and can breath threw his ears. Well I had to find out. He was as good eating my pussy as the woman that had a year ago. I have never climaxed that hard before. He was extremely skilled with his fingers and can work them great!

He went down on me last night, the way he clamped onto my button. Not to mention the moments of his tongue. It is like he can sense what you are feeling inside.

Oh ya he ate me so well I almost dug out threw my own wall into the front yard. I have to tell ya men like that are limited. I am so relaxed yet all my girlfriends are jealous, some are down right pissed I did not call them and share.
by DarkLightAngel January 02, 2010
A woman, normally being associated as lesbian although not completely correct. A (Dyke) in the same can be a strait woman who feels since men or boys have wronged her payback is due to all other males. She can not stand the male race from past experience. Hates males with a dieing passion. Will do anything to get even or hurt males for Percival of what they are.
You see that hot guy over there. Ya why? Watch this, this (Dyke) move gets them all the time.

Ya he is just like all the other pricks in the world. Males should die. The only thing their good for is to fuck a woman over. I'll show him. He will not even know what hit him till it is to late, good bye wife or girlfriend.

Did you hear what he did? Just for that I am going to make him pay. What are you going to do? First get him to fall in love with me. Then slowly tear him apart. After a few years of messing with his head, I will drop him like a bad habit, as I roll him for all he has in the process.
by DarkLightAngel January 04, 2010

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