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The act of pissing on someones shoe while their using a stall in a public restroom. Typically done at a bar when the victim is drunk and taking a crap. The beauty of it is they, more often than not, will not be able to catch you. Step one: Approach urinal. Step Two: Make sure no one is around. Step Three: Turn towards stall and pick target. Step Four: Piss on the victims shoe. Step Five: Run. Step Six: Tell your buddies at the bar. Step Seven: Laugh as a pissed off drunk comes running out of the restroom with his pants around his ankles and a wet shoe sloshing against the ground.
Guy 1: Hey, whys that guy running around with his pants half off and screaming?
Guy 2: Oh, I gave him a wet foot.
Guy 1: Your an ass.
Guy 2: Yea, but its funny.
Guy 1: Totally.
by Dark Lord Happy Pants August 02, 2007
Obsessive masturbation with the use of a computer. Mainly through the use of porno on the internet. Signs of compubation are having more then 2 gigs of porn saved on your computer, sticky or stuck keys on your keyboard, and a general sense of happiness at all the spanking off your doing.
Hey, why doesn't the B work on your keyboard? -- Oh, sorry about that but I suffer from compubation.
by Dark Lord Happy Pants August 02, 2007
To show an unreasonable fear of games. To be frightened by shiny new technology. To be like a certain lawyer who is also known for his douchebagery.
Guy 1: So why did she piss on the floor again?
Guy 2: Oh, you mean Susie. She suffers from gameaphobia.
Guy 1: Whats that?
Guy 2: Well, when she saw my six axis controller she became frightened and then wanted to boycott anything over a T rating.
Guy 1: Oh, you mean she's over 30.
Guy 2: Yep.
by Dark Lord Happy Pants August 06, 2007
The act of failing. Typically outside of warranty. To fall apart or stop functioning. Also known as going red circle.
I would have done alright on my test but I just started 360ing and now I have to attend summer school
by Dark Lord Happy Pants August 02, 2007
The result of the ultimate unholy sexual union whereby George Bush and Dick Cheney breed something more evil than satan.
Survivor 1: God, Oh God, why are the rivers running with blood. Why is the sky made of fire. Why are we still in Iraq.
Survivor 2: Chenush!
by Dark Lord Happy Pants August 06, 2007
To fall flat on your ass at the starting line. To fail before you even begin.
Guy 1: So why did he drop out of the race? It's still a week away.
Guy 2: He was afraid of PS3ing it up.
by Dark Lord Happy Pants August 06, 2007

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