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Feces ; poop ; shit

Food that passes through the digestive system then is forced out of the anus.
I ruined my new Nikes when I stepped in a fresh pile of dog dooky.
by Dark Arsonist January 14, 2005
To fight or to challenge.
If he don't like it, then he can come see me.
by Dark Arsonist January 09, 2005
For shore
Same meaning as fasho, fasheezy, or fashizzle. Originated from the West Coast.
Are you gonna watch CZW tonight?

by Dark Arsonist February 03, 2004
To fight
If you have a problem then come "see" me!
by Dark Arsonist May 13, 2004
Laughing My Ass Off And Pooping. Used as an online acronym when something is so funny, it makes you laugh so hard it forces the dooky out of you. Similar to how tickling some one can make the victim have to pee.
"Wow! I can't believe he tripped on a banana peel! LMAOAP!"
by Dark Arsonist December 27, 2004
The sound effect of a punch, when the situation is described.
"I saw the whole fight. He punched him in his chin like, 'bink'!"
by Dark Arsonist December 04, 2003
A substitution of a blasphemous word, used when frustrated.
Aww raspberries!
by Dark Arsonist February 03, 2004

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