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To add to the definition regarding "The Waldos," I'd like to note that in an article of High Times containing an interview with the waldos, one of them told this story:
We had heard rumors that one of the members brothers had planted a pot patch in the wooded area around town. We all wanted to go look for this patch of weed, so we devised to meet eachother by the statue of Louis Pasteur after school. Since we all had after school activities or electives that lasted about fifty minutes, and since it took about ten minutes to get from school to our after school activities, and another ten minutes to walk from the activites to the statue. Since there were many of us we decided that 420 would be a good time to meet so we could go search for the patch of pot. We never did find it, but we had lots of fun getting high while trying to look for it.
Therefore, when they were at school, when they saw eachother between classes they would secretively say "420" and maybe give the thumb-and-pointer-finger-to-the-mouth sign to indicate that that was when they would meet to look for the weed patch. Since the waldos were such legendary potheads, when people who were not waldos saw this, it caught on and they assumed it was a secret code word for pot.
by Darius Sunofovich December 31, 2004
US southern slang. Usually preceded or followed by "now."
It means "listen to what I have to say next, because it is something that you were unware of or had previously been ignoring, much to our chagrin."
or can simply mean "look at this."
Now, lookie here: we don't appreciate that kind of foul language here.

Lookie here now: The way you're cutting them switches is all wrong. Use a sweeping motion.

Lookie here! It's a dodo bird!
by darius sunofovich January 07, 2005
At Long Beach State University in California, a group of English Literature majors of the class of 1994 took to calling girls who were rather stupid, but threw around large words, often incorrectly used and pronounced, as a means to appear smarter than they actually were "lexicunts."
It's a cross between the word lexicon, which basically means 'a group of words one knows', and cunt, which is a derogatory word for female used to express hatred.
This group of english majors thought they were extremely clever, and others aparently thought they were, too, because the term is used among english majors to this day, although now it is used to denote "any english major (male or female) who is not particularly bright, but knows a lot of big words."
The other day, Jimmy said, and I quote, "The third floor study hall of the library is the last bastion of quietude, a paradox of virtually uninhibited sofa chairs." what a lexicunt. He should just drop out of school.
by darius sunofovich January 05, 2005
Whatever the situation is that you think is irony, is not. However, there is probably a cool french word that fits the exact description of what you're thinking of.
Man: Hey, I just did one thing to avoid something else, but the fact that I did that one thing actually made that something else even worse. Is this ironic?
Girl: nope, but that is a perfect example of Senaisebleuvre.
by darius sunofovich January 06, 2005
California Circa 1980. The first part is rising an the second syllable is falling, similar to how homosexuals say "fabulous."
Used in conversation after someone says something that is a non sequitur or has no bearing on the conversation at hand, and is thus completely random.
"I want to go get pizza at Frantone's"

"Frantone's was first built in 1967 by Antoine Frantonne. He changed the name in 1982 and started serving pizza."

"Okay: RAN-dom"
by Darius Sunofovich December 31, 2004
Means the same thing as exasperate, but sounds more like masturbate and is therefore funnier, and funner to say. Its like im getting away with something dirty, like everytime I go to the restaurant Fudrucker's.
fudrucker's exacerbates puerile wit.
by darius sunofovich January 05, 2005
Spoot is semen. Angry beavers are overly red, chafed vaginas. I've never heard of this show, but I know these words, and I have a feeling the creators of the show were putting us on with not-so-in-jokes.
Verb- Hot females make me spoot.
Noun- You got spoot all over the couch.
by Darius Sunofovich December 24, 2004

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