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The sudden feeling of having received an SMS/MMS text message despite the fact that you are not carrying a mobile phone. May be accompanied by a certainty of "hearing" your message tone and/or "feeling" your phone vibrate. Usually followed by confused searching of your pockets.
"Im sure i just heard my text tone"
"Dude, you left your phone in the car"
"Damn textochondria!"
#text #mobile phone #cell phone #sms #mms
by DappaDan April 01, 2008
The ability to use both legs with equal dexterity. Is to legs what ambidextrous is to hands.
"Is he gonna take this free kick with his left or right?" "Doesn't matter, he's ambilegstrous."
#ambidextrous #legs #feet #football #kicking
by DappaDan March 31, 2008
A combination of crackers and jam, normally a cracker dipped straight into a jar of jam and then eaten.
Check it out, jamcracker!!
#jam #cracker #jamcracker #food #friends
by DappaDan October 16, 2007
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