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Any time occuring after December 21, 2012. It could be considered a time period or phase of the Earth, following December 21, 2012.
Dennermin was the begining of a new stage in my college career.
by Daphne Lanolin January 07, 2011
A pre-teen who can't wiat to start shaving.
That willisker will grow up soon, Dave.
by Daphne Lanolin February 03, 2011

The act of being hilarious and obsequious at the same time.

Attentive hillarity.
I once went to a show where it was difficult to tell who was the comedian, and who was my server. They were all so hilraquious.
by Daphne Lanolin January 18, 2011
A state at which one feels confined aurally.

Being confined by sound either due to illness, size of the room, acoustics or loud noises.
"The room was small and claustrophonic."

"While I was voicing in studio, it became claustrophonic due to my allergies."

"She wouldn't stop screaming and I became claustrophonic."

"This theatre is a bit claustrophonic."
by Daphne Lanolin January 18, 2011

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