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Someone who likes their face being ejaculated apon.
'I wouldn't kiss her on the cheeks when you greet her, she's a propper cumchops mate.'
by Danson Brockworthy May 24, 2007
Also sometimes written as Gash Monte-Rouge
'Gashmont' - An extention of 'Gash'. A thing or person considered to be rubbish.
The lowest of the low.
Worse then being simply gash (ie. Sub-Gash)
'Rouge' - French origin meaning 'Red'.
The exact reason why Rouge should follow the word Gashmont is still unknown.
Not to be confused with a Gashmont-rogue, someone who is not only gash but also a scoundrel.
'Have you heard that new ******* tune?'
'yea, its seriously Gashmont-rouge'


'Have you heard what George Bush has been up to this week?'
'No..but i think he's the biggest fucking gashmont-rouge on two legs'.
by Danson Brockworthy May 24, 2007
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