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Commonly known as KO, results in mental retardedness, supioriorly pissed off mood swings, a burning desire to kill the Turkish nation.

May Quit school
May have no life/friends
May never leave home
May kill yourself
...May kill your parents for touching internet switch ^_^ (I did, best move I ever made!)
Man I fucking hate Knight Online and them Turkish bastards but I feel I must play and regain my lvl 80 character which was stolen by several Turks, 3 times over!
by DannyTheMan April 16, 2007
Cash Rules Everything Around Me
h0LyMaN: Dude, what's CREAM?
DannyTheMan_TR: Well dude, last night I was touching myself thinking of your mother and OMG! CREAM, CREAM, CREAM!
h0LyMaN: No, C.R.E.A.M
DannyTheMan_TR: Cash Rules Everything Around Me, retard
by DannyTheMan May 02, 2007
ÝáÇÍ Arabic for 'Success'
I'm so Falah. It makes you cry to see me smoke $100 which I could use give your mum to get her off food stamps...my bad
by DannyTheMan May 02, 2007
The kind of arsehole you find in your Modern Studies class who is purposely there to piss you off. The kind that argues just so his views seem superior, the kind that makes up figures just so he looks cool... even tho we know he's a douche bag.

Symptoms include:
Middle Class Syndrome
General Retardedness
Wow, K just told a whole load of bullshit figures, went off tangent and completely killed anyone who was interested in the Politics of Kenya (no one). What a Political Whore...
by DannyTheMan October 30, 2007
When helping your dearest friend get laid, so when you see two young girls, you set him up with the fat one as you run away with the slim, big breated, hot one.
I think I should be helping a friend in need right now.
by DannyTheMan October 31, 2007
A person (wooden soldier) or a group of people who act hard, talk as if they are hard but not one of them will grab up their balls and do something.

Also known as "wuuden soljaz"
Look at them faggots trying to act as if they run the show, yet not one of them will fight... fucking wooden soldiers

"Man fuck 'em wuuden soljaz, wannabe pussy ass bustaz"
by DannyTheMan April 09, 2007
Some kind of yellow plant or in literal terms:

Rape with vaseline...
"Let's have some oil seed rape in the garden?"
"Ya' fuckin' what?"
by DannyTheMan August 30, 2007

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