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(1).The sparring of any number of men with their penises.

(2). similar to a pissing contest, although the elemental differences being that the win is not decided solely upon the length of emission or the puddle left behind, common factors in a win, but also on how much cock-blocking is done by each sparring mate, and, of course, penis size
(1)."whoa, dude. wouldya look at that fagspar over there? Dudes are not frigging around"

(2)."you all are pissing on my leg fagsparring around my fucking party like that; not to mention you're cockblocking every motherfucker in here slappin it off like that"

Being too drunk often leads to males (and sometimes females) fagsparring. Drama often causes a lot of fagsparrery, also.
by Dankesthours182 October 04, 2010
A fucking raucous hit of a smoking device.
Luke to a raucous beat off my chillum and blew chunks on his girlfriend's tits. what a fagspar.
by Dankesthours182 October 04, 2010
the green lady. a Hallucinogen of epic proportions and profound abilities. A lady of myth who loves the enlightened and shuns the ignorant.
Dude just took a nasty beat of salvia. The green lady's really having her way with him, and it's looking like he isn't liking it. poor prick.
by Dankesthours182 October 04, 2010

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