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when your external anal sphincter can no longer withstand the pressure exerted by the gravitational pull of your feces comming out of your bung hole, if this occurs other than over the toilet, you have now just began shitting your pants.
Holly shit, jenna must have been prarie dogging becasue she sure as hell stank like ass when she walked by, her momma's gonna be doing some laundry tonight!
by danielle April 09, 2004
to be completely trashed beyond belief
Get Crunk You Canadian Bitch!
by Danielle March 27, 2004
Reen is the term used to describe any boy with a birdlike appearance. Qualities seen most often with these are large heads, fluffy hair, various nicknames such as "Reenis the penis" "Bird" "Furby" "Devil Boy", a large mole, and much tormentation from classmates.
Move out of the way Reen, I can't see anything with your birdlike head in the way.
by Danielle February 06, 2005
n. a moron; one who "jacks nuts" or beats off.
Hey, jacknut you missed the fucking turn back there.
by danielle November 30, 2003
a girl named bec, fur like hair covering her body from top to toe
bec, rebecca, beccy, becca
by danielle November 15, 2004
to eat; tear through
i could totally thrash this whole piece of cake
by Danielle August 24, 2004
can have many uses..but the main purpose is to eat. A bananna is a yellow fruit found on hawian trees.
-that bananna sure was TASTY!!
-I love babanna's!
by Danielle May 05, 2005

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