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Common phrase used to react to various situations throughout life and your day. Often used to overly express a reaction to something being said by someone or something. Of little or no relation to the cat food.
Cyndi Lauper says, "Oh, girls just wanna have fun..."
You reply, "Fancy feast!"

Jim Henson says, "Kermit the Frog was meant to be black."
You reply, "Fancy feast!"

Mark says, "Me and Danny are going on a sexual date."
Crystal replies, "Fancy feast!"
#fancy feast #kermit the frog #interesting #reaction #oh wow #cool #paris hilton #loves it
by Daniel of NY April 25, 2008
a word used as a reaction to something. It can be either positively or negatively expressed. In fact, it can be used in reaction to almost anything at all.
Jacquanda says, "O-M-G! Look at dis amazing hair piece I just bought..." You reply, "Fancy!"
#cat food #fancy #cool #wow #impressive #horrible #who cares #reaction #paris hilton #loves it
by Daniel of NY April 25, 2008
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