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1) Very good movie starring Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thorton. Directed by Sam Raimi, who would later direct "Spider-Man".

2) Mediocre pop rock band made up of twenty-somethings that sings about how mean their parents are. I don't trust any band with a demographic 10 years younger than they are.
1) Lou Chambers: What you gonna buy, Jakey boy?
Jacob Mitchell: I'm gonna buy me a truck.
Lou Chambers: No, fuck that. Get something classy -- Trans-Am!
Jacob Mitchell: Yeah, in my wildest fuckin' dreams a Trans-Am!

2) "My dad hates me! (Sobs)"
by Daniel Peck December 21, 2003
A terrorist who attempts to harm American citizens and soldiers, much like Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and the Confederate Army.
I chuckle when people with Rebel Flags on their pickup trucks talk about how evil Bin Laden is.
by Daniel Peck December 21, 2003
to mess something up. A reference to the 2003 film "The Matrix: Revolutions", seen by all as a complete letdown to the previous two. Also known as "Phantom Menaced" and "Godfather Threed"
"Dude...you really Matrix Revolutioned that book report."
by Daniel Peck November 10, 2003
No Ass At All
Brandy is a famous black woman who tragically suffers from Nassitall. As Bill Bellamy once said, "Where's the booty?"
by Daniel Peck June 03, 2004
a white girl that lies about being Spanish
Christina Aguilera isn't latina...she's latinot.
by Daniel Peck November 10, 2003
Mesh-netted baseball caps, originally worn by truckers in the late 1970s, made popular in 2003 by Ashton Kutcher. Popular in the closet of a metrosexual.
"Hey guys...like my new John Deere trucker hat? It was only 45 bucks at American Eagle!"

"Piss off."
by Daniel Peck November 10, 2003
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