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3 definitions by Dani.Havok.Kidd

To compromise one's values and/or aristic vision in order to gain fame and/or monetary profit. Commonplace in today's musical society. It is rare to find a successful musical artist who has not "sold out", however, this is not to say that they do not exist.
Good Charlotte never sold out. Selling out requires having some artistic vision in the first place.
by Dani.Havok.Kidd August 11, 2003
Greatest teacher of all time. V. Diddy for Prez! Father of Scott Carnegie.
I have no homework in van Dewark's class.
I don't have to wear my uniform to van Dewark's class.
Van Dewark let us skip again for "OSAID".
Van Dewark thinks I called him hot.
by Dani.Havok.Kidd August 11, 2003
not the creme brulle.
I'm the jello...i'm always the jello.
by Dani.Havok.Kidd August 11, 2003