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Removing you sock and using it to wipe your shitty ass in leiu of toilet paper.
Patrick Swayze - "I was out at the Double Deuce last night and, ironically, had to take a greasy deuce. I rushed into the bathroom, harpooned a log in the toilet only to find there was no toilet paper. I took off my shoe and did the only thing I could think of, Chocolate Sock."

Random Dude - "Ya I was wondering why you left the bar with one sock on."
by Dangerstache October 06, 2009
Any trip that spans 3 or more states in an effort to obtain a booty call.
Boss - "Why the fuck did you call out of work yesterday?"

Guy - "Sorry bossman, I was driving for 7 hours yesterday to get back from my tri-state pussy date."
by Dangerstache October 06, 2009
When someone is in a rush to wipe after taking a dump, and accidentally gets their sleeve covered in shit during the wiping process.
Wilford Brimley - "I was running late for work this morning and totally chocolate sleeved my only good work shirt."
by Dangerstache October 06, 2009
to blow a lead in a game with minutes to go, typically caused by an awful, horrible, grotesque, beastly play call.
Beargina #1 - "Well, we are on the 20 yard line and its 4th and 2. There is just a minute to go and I have no time-outs, so if these guys score I will be completely and utterly fucked and have no means to answer their touchdown, therefor losing the game and causing my whole team, management and fan base to loathe and despise me for years to come. Might as well go for it, right?"

(turnover on downs)

Beargina #2 - "Wow, you really fuckin' Bellichick-ed that one didn't you?!"
by Dangerstache November 16, 2009

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