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To forget.

getting high isn't actually required, and actually getting high sort of kills the joke.
1. That shitty afroman song

2. I was going to text you after the show was over, but then i got high...
by Danger_Rick September 28, 2009
When someone has a terrible sense of humor. Phrase is derived from when you tell or make up a joke, and the said person thinks that if they replace the original subject (apples) with a new subject (oranges), it becomes a new, refreshed and hilarious joke. This happens often with one liners, etc.
1. Bob: "dude, i think this gatorade is bad...*smells bottle and checks expiration date*
Tom (a normally quiet supervisor at work): IT'S PRESERVATIVES AND FUCKKKKIN' WATER!!!
*everyone looks surprised*
**everyone quotes the yelled phrase at random as an inside joke***
then two weeks later, Tim yells "IT'S H2o AND FUCKIN' SUGAR!!!" expecting the same effect. no laughter.

2. Carlos Mencia's career is also a giant collection of apples and oranges humor.
by Danger_Rick September 27, 2009

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