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2 definitions by Dananjay Anandan

The phenomenon of a particular message or recommendation being passed from an individual to his/her contacts through the internet.
All it took was a little word-of-mouse and the next thing Henry knew his "catsuit with knobs" clip was on boing-boing. He felt like it was the lowest point in his life. That was until he switched on the evening news.
by Dananjay Anandan January 19, 2006
A nightclub, bar or a part of town that used to be famous for being overabundant with good-looking women, but is now just full of sexually frustrated men looking out for said women.
Randy: Hey dude! Let's go to Long John's tonight, I hear the chicks are sizzling there!

Andy: No way man! It's a total Bonerville!
by Dananjay Anandan May 30, 2005