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Scene kids are often found in malls shopping at Hottopic. Scene kids are very close with a small group of friends. Scene kids typically wear eyeliner (girls) but not all the way down to their cheak bone. They are often mistaken for an emo kid. SCENE KIDS TO NOT CUT. Being scene is not always a bad thing. But their is taking it to far. For example, more than 2 colors in your hair is just starting to be to much. Most scene kids either have gauges, lots of ear piercings or face piercings. Scene kids can be very cool people who's personalitys all slightly differ. Most scene kids are always on the scene meaning at the rock shows (Warped Tour) Skinny Jeans, Converse, Vans, black boots, a band t-shirt, or somthing involving hello kitty are often included in a scene kids wardrobe. Most of these clothes are very tight. Hair of both sexes is usually parted to the side. Scene Kids are the new wave hardcore kids. Often mistaken for emo because of people's ignorance. All scene kids style and straighten their hair. Most wear eyeliner (not to be confused with emo eyepaint), girl pants and tight band/splash paint style shirts. Scene kids are often mistaken for emo kids. Scene is a mixture of emo and preppy and they like to go to shows (where the scene is). Scene kids will occasionally listen to a rap song.

Some Bands are: A Day to Remember, Blood on the Dance Floor, Breathe Carolina, The Devil Wears Prada, or Black Veil Brides
Look at that Scene Kid! She's hot shit, with her tight jeans and that Warped Tour shirt!
by DanaIsSilly December 26, 2011

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