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a female who looks remarkably male, who infact may very well be a male in disguise and is "stashing" or hiding her male genitalia from obvious view.
she looks awfully manly...

yeah i get a feeling she's stashin' it...
by Dan_the_man June 19, 2006
obscenely long fake fingernails painted in retina burning colours, usually red. usually found on thrashed out hos who've had a lot of "old-hand" experience with random cock. If shes tapping them on the bar counter...shes vacant and waiting for a customer.
Jesus! Look at the size of her whore's claws! i'll bet shes sucked hell dick in her time!

uh huh....uhm...shes tapping them on the counter...i think i might go take her for a test drive, hold my drink...
by Dan_the_man June 19, 2006
A sharp spoon is a person of slow wit and reaction time. The last person to laugh when a joke is told or a person whose only comeback to any sort of jest is to spout forth "cunt" "fuckhead" and "oh yeah c'mon then!" is a sharp spoon.
Once again Timothy was the last to laugh at the joke...

"You didnt get the joke did you Timothy? Fuck, you're a real sharp spoon are'nt you?"
by Dan_The_Man December 30, 2004
When you are being told off or spoken to by someone, and there is a person in the background nodding and agreeing with the person telling you off and repeating key words spoken by them to you.
Person 1: "What you did was very wrong!!"
Cheerleader: "VERY WRONG!!"

Person 1: "I cant beleive you could do something like this!"
Cheerleader: "UNBELEIVABLE!!"

Recipient: "Fuck off and stop cheerleading, arsewipe"
by Dan_the_man July 11, 2005

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