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The act of going through your facebook and cleaning yourself out of unwanted friends.
I gave myself a frenema last night and flushed away 86 people from my facebook.
by DanInATL October 21, 2011
When someone leaves a party to go hook-up and then goes back to the party afterwards. Similar to the boot and rally, but instead of blowing chunks, the person likely blew something/someone else.
After we screwed I totally wasn't ready for the night to end, so I pulled a slut and rally!
by DanInATL October 18, 2011
A photoshoot with an amateur model, most commonly an adult gay male, not intended for publication anywhere other than personal websites (facebook, connexion, etc). The fauxtoshoot is a way to live out an adolescent fantasy of getting "Glamour Shots" at the mall.
I unfriended him because he clogs up my news feed with the addition of random strangers and uploads from his most recent fauxtoshoot.
by DanInATL October 26, 2010
The act of snorting a drug (meth, coke, ketamine, ecstasy) and then having sex with someone off the popular gay hook-up application, Grindr.
Look at that cracked out queen, bet he gets online later to arrange a bump and grindr.
by DanInATL October 20, 2011
Someone who thinks they should be a model, but is unable to earn money doing so and must maintain a regular job. That person is a something-slash-model. Common slashees are bartender/model, salesclerk/model and waiter/model. Their "modeling" work is often limited to their own profiles on social networking sites.
That slashee just loaded yet another set of wannabe modeling shots to her Facebook; if only she were as pretty as she thinks she is, she wouldn't be slinging beers at Joe's.
by DanInATL June 07, 2011
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