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(v) The action of doing an sexual, or aggressive, action towards someone/something/a group in an unnatural manner, most commonly committed with a cucumber and/or banana. Usually considered an obscene jesture, however it is dangerously seductive if done in front another individual. "get a room." is usually announced so the bystander can resist the forces urging them to join.

(n) -booper- an individual or thing that will look upon ideas/objects in a different perspective that no other indivdual can understand when the 'boop' is explaining.
verb form

That man appeared to be booping that duck in the park, so I quickly rushed my child away before he became interested.

noun form

That booper just told me he noticed the tissue box was wearing an odd scarf today!?!
#beep #booper #sexual #cucumber #banana #eminem #p.c richards
by DanDaMaw June 15, 2011
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