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Oral sex where the recipient, in addition to the basic genital package, also receives a thorough tongue bath of the anal and "taint" regions....because the works package always includes the undercarriage.
I was glad I'd taken the time to shave the southern pass, because Sally gave me a blow job with the works package.
by Dan92672 June 22, 2011
Sexual act with instructions as follows:
1. Place face between lactating breasts
2. Shake face briskly back and forth
3. Make outboard motor sound effects
Extra points are awarded for milk spray...
Sally may not have lost that baby weight yet, but those titties are prime for some motherboating.
by Dan92672 June 18, 2011
When in the course of providing extreme cunnilingual pleasure to a ladyfriend, you cause her to have such an intense orgasm that her muscles spasm and she violently thrusts her pelvis up....into your face.
I was going down on Jackie so good, she came like a banshee and gave me the gnarliest muffercut....we both blacked out.
by dan92672 May 28, 2012
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