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n. something that someone else thinks is heavy, but is not heavy at all to you.
Man 1-did you see him struggling to lift 150 lbs?
Man 2-yeah, thats like baby weight to you.
by Chitown4lyfe February 24, 2009
The excess weight a women continues to carry after giving birth.
"Rich your mum looks well fat!"

"Yeah its her baby weight"

"She had my kid 2 years ago! Tell that bitch to get down the gym"
by Ste Crayston November 29, 2006
a strength building mechanism made out of a baby
mom: my arms are getting so buff from carrying around this baby weight all day.
by marmal February 25, 2010
The weight that a man or a woman gains when thy eat a baby.
Man, after that dinner last night, I really need to work out to get rid of that baby weight.
by monicoran May 05, 2008
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