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This is a dance where you dig a hole to the beat.
Can be used either as a dance to show you are hard as it means alot more then a dance.
As it can be used as a threat to someone you dislike implying you are goin to kill them by pretending to did a grave for them!
Also can be used after you have knocked someone out to show off! and is a Taunt!
"yo did you see him doin tha Diggin Dance?! Hes gunna kill him!"
"Dude just dug u a whole homey go twat him!"
by Dan-Hulk October 22, 2006
An Irish Waterfall is whilst smoking you inhale the smoke and then open your mouth, whilst doing this the smoke will rise up out of your mouth. As the smoke is rising out you inhale back through your nose which will the take the smoke from your mouth back into you throat and lungs recycling it.
Snoop Dogg is seen quite often hittin an Irish Waterfall.
Its hard to execute and when its done right its of tha hook!
"yo hit an Irish Waterfall for me homey!"
"Sweet Irish Waterfall!"
by Dan-Hulk October 22, 2006
One Snake means £1, can be one of any money or 2 or 3 or also as a threat depending on the tone and the way you say it.
Sometimes you can replace a word in a sentence with it but only certain words!
"How much you gots?"
"i gots 10 snakes homey!"
"its 300 snakes you owe bytch!"
"Ill smash you in tha snake you cunt!"
"Dont make me snake you!"
by Dan-Hulk October 20, 2006

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