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3 definitions by Dan Ram

A girl who is of a race other than black/african that specifically seeks out black/african males for dating and sexual interests. Her dress, mannerism, and speech may reflect that of popular black/african culture. Kind of like a female version of a "whigger".
You dont have a chance with Gina if you arent black, shes a dark shark
by Dan Ram June 10, 2005
61 48
A derogatory term. An insult. A combination of the word "chum" which is bloddy fish guts used to attract sharks. And the word "nuts" which means testicles.
Hey chum nuts, wheres my fifty dollars!!
by Dan Ram June 10, 2005
8 3
A girl who isnt Latin or hispanic but only seeks out Latin/Hispanic males for dating or sexual interests.
If your black you dont have a chance with Lisa, shes a bean fiend.
by Dan Ram June 10, 2005
10 8