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A useless un stoppable polish eating machine that regularly makes mistakes
Ohhh bollocks i really romeked that up!
by Dan The Man September 30, 2003
Originally the Hummel was a temporary solution made by the Nazis during World War II to make the 15 cm howitzer gun (type of big artillary) mobile. This design proved so successful that it remained into service until the end of the war. The Hummel made its first appearance at the battle of Kursk.
"Hummel" means "bumbelbee" in German.
by Dan the Man June 16, 2005
A drug, which helps get you high. Mike likes to use it, and uses it several times per day.
Person 1: Where did my opium go?
Person 2: Mike stole it and now is smoking it!
by Dan the Man December 06, 2004
Phrase. Definition dependent on context.
Typically means,
"You're paying for the telephone call, so":

1. "I'll listen to what you say,"
2. "say what you want," or
3. "place the call if you think it's necessary."

The phrase is a relic from a period when telephone calls placed from a coin-operated pay phone cost $.10 (a US dime).
1. "You're calling me on my home phone at night, but, hey, it's your dime, so speak."
2. "Dude -- you should call the radio station and tell the DJ about your spring break story. They won't cut you off -- it's your dime."
3. "If you need to tell your folks about the accident...Well, it's your dime."
by Dan the Man March 31, 2005
Derogatory term refering to lower-class, white person, trailer trash types. Along the lines of hick and redneck
Them butt ropers fuck their cattle, I just know they do.
by Dan the Man February 23, 2005
a group of trendy hip hop exterminators.
My basement was taken over by yellow jackets, so we text messaged bee unit to help take care of it
by Dan the Man July 30, 2004
when a male or female rest one side of his/her arse on ones cheek.
get your god dam cheek of my face
by Dan the Man March 26, 2003

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