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2 definitions by Damn Dirty Ape

While very similiar to a traditional Hot Carl, this new defination is when your asshole dialysis patient decides to take his full shit bag and throw it in your general direction to show his displeasure about some trivial matter, like some damn dirty ape.
That patient was so mad that we were late, he tried to give me a hot carl. Luckily I was able to dodge it and it flew all over the nurse. If he does it again I will puke right on that fucker's head.
by Damn Dirty Ape May 20, 2007
1. To get the living shit beat out of you, especially by the Police.
2. A term used to describe the looser of a fight (Waffle Stomped).
That stupid ass decided to fight with the Police; not only did he get tazed, but he got waffle stomped too!
by Damn Dirty Ape May 20, 2007