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The speed at which things happen on the internet.

Also, the speed of your multitasking abilities on the computer.

To do more than one thing at a digital pace as opposed to the analog time at which real life happens.

Person1: Dude!I contacted you like 5 seconds ago.WTF?I thought you had died!!

Person2: Sorry man, I was away for 10 seconds.

Person1: Damn, digital speed can really mess with your head.


PersonA: Wow!You got back to me really fast.

PersonB: I'm always online so I get everything at a digital speed.

PersonA: Wow.So I must be on analog time them.

PersonB: Yep!Get with the times.


Person1: Yo!Did you hear about that new sextape that's going around?

PersonB: Man, that was like 2 seconds ago.Everyone's talking about the sneezing panda.

Person1: Whoa!My digital speed must be lagging then.It's that goddamn wifi connection!

PersonB: Sucks for you.
by DamianTempest June 11, 2010

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