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A shortened form of the word "Canine."
The sound of the word results in "K-9."
"That dog is a cute K9!"
by Dalhusky July 23, 2006
Shit on a penis right after it has been pulled out of the anus and rectum.
"The only problem with anal sex is getting dick shit."
by Dalhusky August 28, 2006
The adverb form of anal typically refering to sex.
"Sam got anally screwed last night!"
by Dalhusky August 27, 2006
A type of weed that is smoked through smoking penises.
"Dude, I want to smoke some dick weed."
by Dalhusky April 14, 2008
A sexually active canine.
This term is commonly used in the "furry fandom."
"That pooch is a total horn-dog!"
by Dalhusky August 28, 2006
Sex. Mounting one's loins and humping them.
"Hey Joe, let's do some hip-hop and mount my ass!"
by Dalhusky February 09, 2007
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