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Snapon refers to a person. This particular person has very much in common with the world’s most expensive tools made by snap-on. He’s not just a tool...he’s a "snapon".

A snapon will clip his finger nails at work during normal working hours. As if this isn’t bad enough, snapon will allow said nail clipping to fall on the carpet floor instead of a waste basket and proceed to leave them on the floor.

A snapon will tell you he can hit a 6 iron golf club 200 yards.

A snapon thinks he knows everything about engineering and that only a select few actually know how to engineer.

A snapon doesn’t have priorities straight in life. He typically tries to have many children so as to spread the snapon way of life.

Snapons typically have said kids very early in life and have more children even though he can’t afford the mistakes he already brought into the world.

A snapon will only pay minimal rent to family members because he’s too cheap to buy his own house.

A snapon will tell his wife that she needs to lose weight and should try and stay fit considering he stays fit by riding a bike and it’s only fair for said wife to look as good for him as he does for her. All this considering said wife already had two children for him.
Holy shit...that d-bag Ed sure is a snapon.
by Daimler Diesel October 12, 2010
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