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When you attempt to enter the anus doggy style and she reels herhead back with a dolphin like "en en"
"I was going for the cornhole when she denied me with the DOLPHIN"
by Dagger May 08, 2003
The time and the place for everything.
"There's a time and a place for everything, Mr. Garrison, and it's called college."
by Dagger June 17, 2003
It's super toy number one. Buy Chinpokomon and you be having a happy feelings.
by Dagger June 16, 2003
The sexiest character of Dynasty Warriors, chased around constantly by millions and millions of fangirls (ie, ME)...mwahahaha. Style Zilong.
An enemy officer has fallen to my blade!
by Dagger October 24, 2003
A person of poverty (similar to those in the movie Deliverance), who believes he/she knows everything about the world and life while looking down on others. Muleshoes can typically be found with mullets, missing teeth, dirty fingernails, wearing torn dirty white shirts, or living in old rusty trailers.

Words from a Muleshoe: “Muleshoe? Muleshoe? You call youselves fishermen? What’re you boys from Lansing?”
“Did you hear that hick at the corner store pontificating to those guys about fishing? Man, what a muleshoe!”
by Dagger June 19, 2006
A modern neo-pagan or New Ager, typically a Wiccan, who knows nothing about their religion/ believes in crap like 'the Burning Times'/believes their religion is all 'love and light'/has a persecution complex/believes the Christians are Satan Incarnate/brags about their religion/wears a big-ass pentacle/knows the wrong facts about Wicca. Typically a bisexual vegan feminazi teenager who thinks they know everything in the world.
Fluffybunny alert: her pentacle is size of a dinner plate and she says 'Never again the Burning Times'.
by Dagger December 17, 2004

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