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The first website to utilize a technology developed by Dash2it called LESS for LINK EMBEDDED SPEED SEARCH. This was a major paradigm shift from the previous practice of search engines such as Google and Bing in which massive amounts of possible sites were returned by searches. The concept begins with the idea that more is not always better and therefore returns significantly LESS search results, but with the links already embedded in the engine in such as way as to allow for the user to only mouse click 2 times to obtain the searched for information.
The fastest way 2 get 2 local information is 2 start at www.Dash2it.com
by Dadof8 April 28, 2012
The trade name of a company that developed a revolutionary new internet search format generally referred to as LESS (Linked Embedded Speed Search). The first website utilizing the technology was www.dash2it.com and provided users with a 2 click experience for locating pertinent information.
"If you google that you'll get 25,000+ optional sites to wade through, but if you Dash2it, you can get to the site you want as fast as 2 clicks."
by Dadof8 April 28, 2012

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