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It is a slang word started out in Queens, NY

particularly the Queens bridge housing projects

It is a distortion of the word "Son" and is used to reference a friend or someone whose name you do not know

ex 2- i want large fries with that dun
by DaT bOi EsCo December 30, 2007
Its a Mexican gang in LA started in a place called Florencia. Roughly 2,000 members mostly in Souther Cali and Arizona/New Mexico

The 13 stands for the letter "M" which means they are an affiliate of the mexican mafia - as M is the 13th letter in the alphabet

They also go by F13 for short and normally mark there territory by graffiti with arrows and F13. it can be observed when in the Florencia are of Cali at the back of Liquor stores and street corner walls

Recently, as of 2007, they have been in the news for killing random black people (innocent) as they did not know if they had gang affiliations. It has created alot of racial tension - particularyly in the prison population as seen in 2007's black/mexican prison riots.

Hope peace and understanding come soon.
Homy #1 - Ay holmes, Florencia 13 for life.

Newsguy - Three Florencia 13 gang Members were arrested today in los angelos
by DaT bOi EsCo December 30, 2007
Its a small time gang in New York that started in the washignton heights area of Harlem by some dominicans.

Its mostly Dominican (duh!)

its also out in some parts of New Jersey.

they also go by DDP gang
Dominicans Dont Play is also called the DDP gang. some teenagers got arrested one time for shooting some guy in 2006
by DaT bOi EsCo December 30, 2007
Corona is a neighborhood in Queens. Queens is a borough in New York City. I grew up there. Its near Jamaica and not too far from Long Island city (queensbridge houses).

Historically its been African American and Latino (majority of whom are dominican and Puerto Rican)

Corona is a spanish word meaning Crown - however i dont know how this part of NY got that name

a well know rapper from here is Noreaga or NORE

it is also known for a large housing project called LeFrak City. LeFrak City is where im from. It used to be pretty bad, especially during the early 90's and crack epidemic. Nowadays many immigrants from Russian and eastern Europe have moved here. Its actually pretty calm nowadays.

theres also good weed around corona - as it is not far from jamaica queens
Corona Queens is a neighborhood in Queens. NORE is from there, and there are alot of fine dominican chicks round here.
by DaT bOi EsCo December 30, 2007
An insult to someone from the east coast - Usually those with gang affiliations (crips, etc).

The slang-word "cheese toast" is basically a distortion of "EAST coast"

Started out in LA amongst Latino gangmembers. The mexican F13 gang was known to have ran up on a innocent random black man at a bus stop in 2007 and yelled "Cheese toast!" and shot him (he lived though) for believing just because he was black he was in a rival black gang. Pretty sad...

Cheese toast is also said like "cheese toast nigga" or "cheese toast slob" - (slob is a bad word for a blood gang member)

Cheese Toast - it comes from the word "EAST COAST"
gang member - "Ay holmes u see that cheese toast fool down the block, lets smoke him"

white kid in california - "Fuck the CHEESE TOAST!"
by DaT bOi EsCo December 30, 2007

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