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A derogatory term referring to East Coast Crips. East Coast Crips are a Los Angeles gang located in the eastern portion of South Central Los Angeles. East Coast Crips have no connection to the East Coast of the United States, they simply call themselves East Coast Crips because the territory they claim lies in the eastern section of South Central Los Angeles. Rival gangs especially Latino gangs, call them Cheese Toast.
"Fuck those Cheese Toast niggas!"
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by afr3cb February 17, 2010
An insult to someone from the east coast - Usually those with gang affiliations (crips, etc).

The slang-word "cheese toast" is basically a distortion of "EAST coast"

Started out in LA amongst Latino gangmembers. The mexican F13 gang was known to have ran up on a innocent random black man at a bus stop in 2007 and yelled "Cheese toast!" and shot him (he lived though) for believing just because he was black he was in a rival black gang. Pretty sad...

Cheese toast is also said like "cheese toast nigga" or "cheese toast slob" - (slob is a bad word for a blood gang member)

Cheese Toast - it comes from the word "EAST COAST"
gang member - "Ay holmes u see that cheese toast fool down the block, lets smoke him"

white kid in california - "Fuck the CHEESE TOAST!"
#east coast #east side #west coast #west side #f13
by DaT bOi EsCo December 30, 2007
A Spanglish play on the word "East Coast", used derogatorily to refer to East Coast Crips.

Mexican gang members were recently convicted of hate crimes for shooting a random black man at a bus stop in LA while shouting "Cheese Toast" because the man was wearing clothes similar to the uniform of the East Coast Crips.

Prison gangs often use nonsense terms like "Cheese Toast" as a type of code so that prison authorities don't understand what they are talking about when they eavesdrop on their phone conversations or read their mail.
Dang esse, joo chur blasted dat cheese toast chongo at da bus stop.
#east coast #esse #crip #gangbangers #spanglish
by José Ciudadano December 31, 2007
The best thing to eat when you have nothing else. Good with McCormick Grill Mates Spicy Montreal Steak and maple syrup.
Yo Alex make me a cheese toast!
#cheese #toast #yummy #bread #cheese toast
by everynameistaken! March 17, 2012
The most ghetto food on the face of the earth. Originated from black people in West Haven, CT. The act of placing a piece of cheese upon a piece of bread, preceding to put it in the microwave for about 20-25 seconds.
Dexter: Hey Lamar. I'm hungry today, but all I have is this slice of bread, and a piece of cheese.

Lamar: yo my nigga wat it is, why aint you make sum cheese toast.

Dexter: Wow! Cheese toast? I've never thought of that!
#west haven #cheese #bread #toast #microwave
by CrackaAndNigga November 08, 2009
The single most powerful being to ever exist. The creator of all. According to cheesism it is one of 3 gods. Cheese Toast, Stone Cold, and Chuck Norris.
"Dude if you mess with me, Cheese Toast will smite you!"
#cheese #toast #cheesetoast #awesome #omnipotent #omnicient #omniprescent
by Pawel Szczenaik November 07, 2007
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