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A game that is highly addictive, suductive, and usually enjoyed by those in the age group of 9-2202029932972398873947027400487203740273. So, basically, you can be any age to enjoy this marvel. (Best when played with another person)
I know, we gon get high off dis shizz. Super Mario Brothers is possibly the highest honor ever to walk the gaming world.
by DaRk3$tNiGGeRr June 04, 2011
Usually something found at Walgreens.

"I know! 1/25 cents, and 2/$1.00.... Now those are some buy-worthy sales .
by DaRk3$tNiGGeRr June 04, 2011
When you mix the two words 'Fig Newton' and 'Nigga' together to create a dark chocolate taste sensation w/ jelly inside. Mmmm yeeaaahhh, buddy.
"Yo niqqa wanna g t walgreens and get some nig newton ? We gon be all healfyy all up in hea. Yeaahh niqqa."

Hell yerr, niqqa. We got be lovin dat chocolate sensation all up in here. Yeeeeaahhh buddy.
by DaRk3$tNiGGeRr June 04, 2011
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