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2 definitions by DaDaDaDano

Number of clicks away any two unrelated articles are on wikipedia.

The clicks can be on any link in the article, or any catagory so long as it is not a temporary catagory such as "accuracy disputes" or "protected articles".
Kevin Bacon is 11 wiki degrees away from Great Stuff insulation.
Monkeys are 6 wiki degrees away from Ellen DeGeneres
Mousepad is 5 wiki degrees away from global warming.
Kevin Bacon is 9 wiki degrees away from statistics.
Bigfoot is 4 wiki degrees away from Jesus.
by DaDaDaDano November 07, 2007
10 0
An absolute zero thermodynamic temperature scale.
Has the same degree size as Fahrenheit.
The boiling and freezing points of water in Rankine are 671.641 and 491.67 respectively.
by DaDaDaDano November 07, 2007
5 3